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Shruthiprriya Selvarajan

A third-year Journalism student at the University of Sheffield.

Trained in magazine, television, news, data and radio journalism.

Fashion & Sustainability

Find below my blogs produced for Designer Friday, a sustainable fashion business.

5 must haves we’re loving this Autumn

From autumn-spice inspired colours and accessories to berry lips and nails, these simple dress inspos are the perfect way to bring a touch of seasonal spirit to your wardrobe.

So, here is a curated guide to your sustainable dresses this autumn:

Deep brown, one of the trending colours this season, is used to make our Aline Dakota midi and maxi dress. Using over 5m of upcycled fabrics, this dress is a dream.

Switch it up with camel and gold colour accessories and boots;

Pair the dress with the

8 Ways to Manifest your dreams into reality!

Have you ever experienced that feeling where you stood up, worked, and got what you wanted?

Do you remember how powerful and empowering that felt? You deserve to feel that way all the time and most importantly you deserve to have what you want in life.

Did you ever wonder if there was a way to make it all happen? Well we have got exciting news because the art of manifestation could be your answer!

Manifestation is such a powerful tool that could change the way you think forever. Believe it or

Is Orange the New Black?

Gone are the days of ‘back to black’. Bright colours are the new standard - who's with us?

Say goodbye to the rules because they don’t exist in fashion. Colour is for everyone, regardless of body shapes, sizes or skin colour. We want you to wear what makes you feel confident and empowered in your own skin.

Below, we offer some tips to explore different colours within a safe space to slowly and surely inject colour into your wardrobe. Remember not to let these tips limit or restrict what you ca

Perfect Imperfections : a new beauty trend

Have you discovered the new beauty trend of embracing our flaws and imperfections? What does it mean to be beautiful, if not embracing our flaws and imperfections? Let us show how we as consumers are expressing ourselves creatively, celebrating what makes you feel the most “you”:

Freckles have now become the pinnacle of natural beauty. This ethereal look brings us a sense of comfort in beauty, which is exactly how everyone should feel in their own skin. It is about time we love and embrace our

A wardrobe to die for

With multiple attempts to get our hands on a wardrobe to die for, are we taking a step too far in pursuit to create those perfect looks at a deadly cost? Fast fashion is soaring these days particularly in an era where keeping up with relevant trends is tightly knotted to one’s social status. In this pursuit, however, we may have overstepped dangerous boundaries. There are some burning questions that we should be asking ourselves, such as:
• How were they made?
• And most importantly, at what cos

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